Best basketball compression pants: For the players

Compression pants are one of “must have” equipment items in modern basketball era. Even tough the NBA banned tights back in 2000’s, they couldn not stop compression gear to expand in world of hoops. This is why we analyze the best tights for the real players.

Why do basketball players even wear tights ?

As the modern sports medicine showed significant improvements, there have been scientific proof that compression pants improve performance on basketball court. On the other hand, it helps in preventing injuries as it keep muscles warm and blood flood at optimal levels.

Players like Stephen Curry & LeBron James like to wear 3/4 compression pants, but there are a lot more hoopers that wear long tights, such as Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, etc…As our idols wear various gear, we also decided to put some tights on in order to give you the best product review.

You can divide this product in variours categories, as per length, as per price range, or as per color. We tried 3/4 compression pants at first.

3/4 basketball tights

If you want to buy quality more than quantity then McDavid‘s are your choice!

We could say that it feels pretty smooth as we played even better game while wearing tights as muscles are kept warn during the whole game. The feel is even better when it comes to full length compression pants.

Nike compression pants for basketball

It’s great that Nike offers various colors and you can adjust your new tights with the rest of your equipment, such as jersey and shorts. You can see NBA teams and rules which obligate the players to wear the same tights color as their jersey and shorts. Just take a look on MVP candidate’s, Nikola Jokic or Joel Embiid’s outfits during games.

Tights are helping them to be great. So don’t waste your time as you can be the next MVP candidate!

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