Best Basketball Tights: Where To Buy & Quick Review

Basketball tights have various similar names such as leggings or compression pants. NBA players involved “no skin” trends after tights were banned in mid 2000’s. They’ve become popular basketball equipment addition and lots of fans and players are wondering where to buy them?

Why basketball players wear tights?

There is no proven reason why NBA superstar wear tights that are also called compression pants. Some believe there are for medical reasons as they may prevent some injuries or enhance performance at court, but some believe there are only for marketing reasons and sponsorships or endorsements with popular brands.anthony-davis-basketball-tighs-compression-pants.jpg

In late 2000’s tights become regular female casual outfit part and in the last decade they overcome as standard equipment detail in fitness and some sports. Even soccer players in Europe wear tights under socks in winter conditions and sometimes they may even look like pantyhose.

In today’s modern basketball era they are popularly called compression pants as players asked to wear them more often as some of the NBA’s superstars promoted that “game outfit”.


So, in the last couple of years basketball leggings became very popular both at WNBA & NBA courts (and worldwide too, especially in Europe). Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Donovan Mitchell and many more are somehow promoting that trend. Many of these players promote different types such as padded compression pants, 3/4 compression tights (LeBron & Steph) or colored tights from their teams NBA jerseys combination. Fans or example may ask where to buy white basketball tights like Eric Gordon wears on this article’s headline picture with Al Horford?

Where to buy cheap basketball tights?

Mens and womens tights could be bought on Amazon at cheap prices (check here). There are various categories such as womens basketball tights or you may go with our recommendation:

3/4 padded compression pants/leggings for men and women

Nike’s Pro combat 3/4 padded compression tights are ideal for both men and women in regular conditions with normal temperature. Pads are great to prevent some regular knee injuries.

Product description:

With this brand it can help you Maintain Body Temperature and Increase Jumping Ability: Made from special fabrics, tight compression padded pants are able to keep the temperature of the skin constantly high even when working out in the cold. It also helps to improve blood circulation and oxygen transportation in the legs, which will keep your jumping performance at high level.

Buy it here


Here you may find also interesting youtube review about tights for basketball.

Trends are changing and that may be the basketball gear you’ll need the most in the years to come. There are few reasons as they help your body circulation and temperature which means you may literally play better and bring your game on the next level!


Various basketball compression pants may be found on Amazon. There are also couple of our recommendations you should think of!

Nike tech power mobility tights – Pay for quality

Nike offers best mens basketball tights as they may be accepted as unisex too. This is definitely the model you may be looking for years!

Product description:

  • Nike Power fabric provides stretch and support.
  • Low-profile elastic waistband lies flat against your body for a streamlined fit.
  • Zippered pocket at the back-right hip secures your essentials. It has a vapor barrier to guard items from sweat.
  • Low-profile elastic waistband lies flat against your skin.
  • Bonded seam below the knee gives a clean finish and smooth comfort.
Buy it here !


Where to buy best white basketball tights ?

White leggings are extremely popular nowadays and we also found some great products you may consider buying. There are great 3/4 white compression pants (click here to buy it) or white Nike’s base layer training tights (click here to buy it)

Pros and cons – wearing tights or compression gear while playing

As there are some people that are still insecure about compression basketball gear let’s take a look to pros and cons.

Pros – why wear basketball tights

  • Improved circulation may result in better performance
  • Circulation and optimal body temperature
  • Injury prevention due to keeping temperature of legs muscles
  • Better athletic abilities and muscle flexibility
  • More effective jumping

Cons – why not to wear compression gear

  • You may look funny on the court (if you wear colorful tights)
  • Be aware of not choosing too tight model as you may feel like wearing pantyhose
  • Don’t buy if your budget for gear is low (invest in other gear such as cheap basketball jerseys)

Other brands – cheap basketball tights on Amazon

Besides worldwide and basketball-popular brands as Nike, Adidas or Under Armour, Amazon may offer you a choice of buying cheaper compression pants. We found one product that you may find interesting if your budget is low.

TSLA Men’s UPF 50+ Compression Pants

Definitely worth its value as it costs only 13,98$ and it comes with various colors. Very cheap solution with proven performance boosting fabric.

Leggings become very popular equipment addition in the last couple of years after being banned back in mid-2000’s. It’s your turn to keep up to date with your sports idols!


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