Should I bet on all paylines when I play slots?

Knowing how to play online slot machines is key to how successful you’re likely to be with pay-outs. Sure, it all comes down to that little slice of luck, but it was the same with traditional in-house slots too. If you approached one in a pub with no idea what you were doing, there was little chance of winning anything – click to visit.

Knowing the basics, calculating odds, and understanding paylines tip things just a little bit more in your favour.

For example, the number of paylines an online slot machine has, makes a huge difference to how that particular machine plays. Though rookies may focus solely on the size of the prize or a particular theme of game they like, more experienced players tend to focus on things like the number of paylines before deciding whether to play. Why? Well, the more paylines a game has, the more chances there are to win with each spin.

Betting on all the paylines to increase your odds

Most gamblers playing slots will use their own personal strategies in order to up their odds. Regarding the paylines on a slot machine, it comes down to simple maths.

For example, most online slots have 25 winning paylines. So if you bet a minimum wager of 1p on each payline, then every spin will cost you 25p.

If you bet on all of the paylines, you will therefore increase your odds of winning. And though it’s true that some slot machines have fixed paylines, meaning you have to bet on all the paylines, other slot titles have variable paylines. This means that you can choose how many paylines you want to play, and how much you want to bet on each line.

Remember, the fewer paylines you play on, the fewer chances of winning you will have!

Finding out about the number of paylines before you play

Before you dive in at the deep end and plunge into your chosen online casino’s catalogue of games, just take some time to check out the paylines of each.

Justas you’d do some homework before signing up to a site to see how legitimate it is, you’ll need to think about the paylines too.

Check out how many paylines a slot game has and then decide how many you intend to play. Whereas some slots games will have paylines which will cost you 25p per spin like in the example above, imagine upping the amount to a maximum wager – say, £10 per payline. You would be looking at a total stake of £250.

This is exactly why some ‘penny’ slots can also be classed as “high-roller” slots. To avoid wiping out your whole bankroll in one spin, it’s fundamental to check what stakes are set, and how many paylines you are going to play.

Essentially, risking more money in a few spins instead of spreading it out across several spins can result in better rewards or payouts.

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