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    Virtual Reality slots: Gaming or Gambling

    VR is new to the world of slot gaming and has made a successful start since the release of the headsets. These headsets allow you to enter the world you are playing in, immersing you right into the action with first-hand experience.

    There is a debate behind whether virtual reality slots at Dream Jackpot Casino should be considered gaming or gambling, so we have composed this article to help you figure out how to categorise them.

    Early Launches and first developers of Virtual Reality slots

    The first launch of virtual reality slots was in 2015 by a company named SlotMillion. This company brought to the industry innovative new technology that was considered breakthrough at the time. Players were able to dive right into the casino environment from their own homes and although it needed work, the reviews were positive.

    Another company that was involved in the creation of virtual reality slots was NetEnt who developed VR in two of their popular slot games, revolutionizing the graphics and experience. Virtual reality is massively popular amongst the younger generation and we could be seeing it become a more common way to game and entertain yourself in coming years. This means big business for virtual reality developers and a lot of work to be done for companies that want their product to be used with VR.

    What makes Virtual Reality slots Gaming?

    Virtual reality is a new concept and there is little option to bet actual money yet on current slot games that offer the experience. Along with this, slot games are known for their various themes and concepts and have roots in the gaming industry, which means the experience is not solely gambling. Slot games are not only a way to make cash, but also an enjoyable experience as playing your way through the reels can be a great way to spend some time!

    Furthermore, if you are just looking to gamble, there is more opportunity with just online or offline slots as you can play for longer and the experience is not as tiring for your brain. Virtual reality slots use big graphics, and the idea is to give you a first-hand perspective that will impress you and simulate a real casino. Because of this, it is easy to become distracted and lose focus on the fact that you are there to make money which is why virtual reality slots should be considered gaming.

    Why are Virtual Reality slots Gambling?

    As slot games involve spending and earning money, the concept of them also fits under the gambling category. Even though you may be playing virtual reality slot games to get a grasp of what they can offer in terms of graphics and the digital world, you are still gambling. Anything that involves betting on money is gambling and virtual reality slot games will of course have this feature.

    If you are the type of player who likes to play in house but does not have the means to make it to casinos or slot machines, virtual reality slots could be the game for you. There is an option to meet other players, see the beautiful casino’s and of course jump into the vibrant and enthralling worlds that slot developers have created for your pleasure. In conclusion, virtual reality slots have concepts of both gaming and gambling and should be put into both categories when trying to determine their place.


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