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    Is the bingo industry growing with the rise of Online Gambling?

    Not so long ago, bingo, particularly bingo games played in bingo halls and social clubs were deemed to be a game for the elderly and was not exactly the most cutting edge game to play and was beginning to fall out of fashion due to this reputation. Popularity in bingo was in decline for a while and many bingo halls across the UK have closed their doors for what looks like forever as many have stopped attending physical bingo halls and instead opt to play games like slots at online casinos including www.barbadosbingo.com instead.  

    However, the game of bingo didn’t give up without a fight and bingo has had a facelift to say the least which gave it a much-needed boost in popularity, especially among young female players and male players who had never considered playing the fun game previously. Thanks to the make-over of the game of bingo changing the reputation improving the demographic of the players have shifted and now there are more young adults playing online bingo than ever before.  

    The main reason for the increase in popularity is because the game now appeals to a younger audience by harnessing new technologies and offering online play and a variety of themed bingo games to appeal to their younger target audience. Of course, for those who love the classic game of bingo like the traditional 90 ball bingo and the American 75 ball bingo, these classic versions can still be played online too, so there is something for everyone to enjoy!  

    It’s clear to see not only did the bingo industry grow with the rise of online gambling but that it was completely rescued from being a game only played in nursing homes and church halls thanks to online gambling and advances in technology.  

    Online bingo opened a whole new world for players who loved playing in bingo halls that had sadly closed meaning that they could still enjoy the game they have always loved with a whole new level of convenience, ease and fun. It also attracted new players who had never stepped foot in a bingo hall but were curious to play the fun and fast-paced game as a chance from video slots. The biggest appeal of bingo is that anyone can play as the game is very easy to play with a few set of simple rules to follow and players also enjoy the social aspect of bingo. To add a social element to online bingo, online bingo sites have chat rooms for players to socialise and share tips!  

    Mobile technology and the smartphone was another turning point for the game of bingo, offering players “bingo on the go” with the introduction of mobile bingo apps that players could download and play the game whenever and wherever suits them. This resonated with a lot of young players who are always on the go and who are usually never without their mobile in their hand! It looks like the only way is up for the game of bingo with new versions and variations being made available in online bingo sites.


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