Mbappe stayed at PSG. Why is it bad for everyone?

Since the start of last season, Kylian Mbappe’s transfer from PSG to Real Madrid has been one of the most discussed topics. The footballer’s contract was ending, so his future was on the agenda of many publications, especially Spanish and French. Here you can find information about live betting odds in Uganda.

The further the season progressed, the more likely the transition of the 23-year-old striker to the “royal club” seemed. After the Parisians were knocked out of the Champions League in the 1/8 finals by the “creamy”, it seemed that Kylian’s move to Madrid was already a settled issue. But PSG won the fight for their player. Mbappe stays in Paris until 2025. So far, this looks like a bad option for all parties.

A person is free to do what he wants, so you should not condemn Mbappe for his choice. It can even be assumed that some pressure was exerted on the guy. When you are asked to remain the Emir of Qatar and the President of your country, it is difficult to refuse such people.

In Kylian’s case, leaving requires either a strong childhood dream of playing for Real Madrid or strong willpower. Perhaps the Frenchman has neither one nor the other, although not everyone can refuse the “royal club”.

With such a contract, Mbappe will be able to provide for his family for several generations to come. You can argue as much as you like that Kilian sold the dream, but many in his place would have done the same. Another question is that in Paris he will be like in a golden cage.

“PSG is a club with ambition that is backed by nothing but money. The Parisians scatter their pupils, who score them in the Champions League final (Kingsley Coman) and fire Thomas Tuchel in the middle of the season, who brought them as close as possible to their cherished goal – to win the Champions League.

With this approach to business, PSG will not achieve anything in the European arena. Parisians need to start working and not just invest in big names. They are constantly talking about a project that does not even have outlines.

As for Mbappe, without the big-eared trophy, he will have little chance of winning the Ballon d’Or in France. After signing such a large contract and refusing Real Madrid, the Champions League victory will hang over him like a sword of Damocles, and the doors to the “royal club” may never open again. If by the summer of 2025 Kilian does not win the Champions League, then all this was in vain.

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