Merges amongst slot developer companies

    There has been a profound change in the way that the gambling industry operates over the last century, with the mass legalisation of casino gambling all around the world resulting in a much larger gambling demand. This in turn has resulted in a multitude of casino gambling companies starting up that operate on a global basis, something that is very different to the way family run casinos in the 1800s were functioning.

    Back then each casino offered an abundance of table games like roulette and blackjack, but these were all ultimately provided by the particular casino in question. These days, however, casinos can feature games made by a variety of different companies, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the slots industry.

    Slot developers have made a huge amount of money from designing quality slots and online casino cashback bonus, something that also led to a few mergers among slot developer companies. Keep reading for a lowdown.

    Key slot developers to check out

    Before we get into the very interesting world of slot mergers, we thought it would be a good idea to run through some of the most important online slot developers to check out these days. If it wasn’t for these key players the online slot world would be in a lot more of a different place, without half as much excitement! Here are the best online slot developers:

    • Big Time Gaming: In the last few years the UK slot developer Big Time Gaming have proved themselves to be the best of the best. With their incredible Megaways game mechanic the UK company has truly revolutionised the online slot landscape, and that makes them one of the most important game providers in recent years.
    • NetEnt: If you want consistency with a developer you can truly look no further than NetEnt, who have been bona fide kings of the online slot industry for almost two decades. The Scandinavian developer is known for its dazzling array of different slot titles, all complete with superb HD graphics and wicked bonus features.
    • Blueprint Gaming: Now part of the eminent Gauselmann gambling group, Blueprint Gaming have long been innovators in the field of reel based slot gambling. With slots like the outrageously good TED they ushered in a new era for slot graphics and themes, which we can all thank them for!

    Why do companies merge?

    For people that aren’t particularly interested in the world of business, it can be difficult to see why companies would merge together, however in reality it happens all of the time. When two companies are said to merge it is usually the product of one buying the other, or at least having a much larger stake in the business.

    In other cases two companies can merge when one business comes under the wing of a bigger conglomerate, a bit like with Blueprint Gaming and the Gauselmann group.

    The most famous merge of slot developer companies

    Late last year the online gambling industry was stunned when two of the leading providers of slots and live casino games, NetEnt and Evolution Gaming, struck up a deal that would finally mean they weren’t directly competing.

    Both Swedish companies, Evolution Gaming and NetEnt have effectively merged together in a deal worth €1.8 billion – things are about to get every interesting in the slots world!


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